UICA ArtWorks Program “Project 2 / Photo + Digital Media”, lead by Kendall instructor, Elizabeth Hawkins, engages the students in Experience Grand Rapids Selfie Spot at Alexander Calder”s “La Grande Vitesse”.

In July 2016 Tour GR had the honor to guide a two-hour walk through downtown Grand Rapids to nearly two-dozen students through the UICA ArtWorks Program at the invitation of Community Programs Coordinator, Katherine Elizabeth. The focus of the discussion was about urban renewal and the layers of change an area went through and is still going through. We talked about the possible changes coming to Calder Plaza and community involvement. Our tour commenced along the Grand River at Lyon Square to discuss how the focus of the river has changed from a mode of transportation and source of food, to a source of power, and finally to respect it for the natural resource we have as a community. Read More >>>

ArtWorks is an extension of NEA, National Endowment for The Arts program.
Community Clients & Partners: Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.